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document circulation system

eCurcuma enables:

digitalization, description, sharing
and archiving documents
in organization

cost module

cost control through multi-level acceptance of costs, payment control and integration
with the accounting system

correspondence module

supports digitization and sending correspondence between system users

Cost module

- adding cost invoices with the scan of document

- multi-level acceptance with annotation

Example: purchase invoice processing

exemplary system roles:

OM Office Manager

ACC Account

ACM Account Manager

CEO Chief Executive Officer

step 1

From the invoice list Office Manager adds a new Purchase Invoice document

step 2

Office Manager scans the document and adds it as an attachment to the document in eCurcuma

step 2.1

The physical document is deposited in the marked cabinet

step 3

Office Manager fills the head of the document

Users form operational department are notified by the system that the document has been entered and must accept the positions

step 4

For each item, the appropriate user - chosen by the system according to the type of cost - confirms the position by adding the correct tag

step 5

Account Manager approves items by adding its ACM tag

Only Account Manager has access to the ACMtag.
It is not possible to approve the item by an ordinary user

step 6

CEO approves whole document

The CEO tag is manually assigned only if the document value exceeds the threshold specified in the system
e.g.. 10 000 PLN

CEO document marker can only be assigned after assigning ACC and ACM tags to positions and can not be omitted (unless the system is configured otherwise)

if the document does not exceed the set threshold value, the CEO marker is transmitted automatically

step 7

export to the Accounting System

After saving with confirmation

Because of the description of the position in eCurcuma, the document is automatically transferred to the Accounting System where the accountants are declaring it

Correspondence module

Example: correspondence flow process

step 1 - scanning

A secretary's employee - opens the correspondence document


scans the document

step 2 - adding correspondence record in the scan

document scan

step 3 - sharing the document

the system, based on the recipient or tag added in the secretary's office, passes the document to the appropriate user

user - recipient - gets system notification or email notification (in case of no response)

the target user takes action on the correspondence to its type

step 4 - finalization

the user by choosing the appropriate action can:

a) add annotation and finish the correspondence service

b) send the document to another person / department or return it to the secretariat

c) transform correspondence into an order for execution - if it requires further action

In eCurcuma, possible actions to the concept are configurable by the administrator by configuring the WORKFLOW module of documents!

eCurcuma allows you to measure the effectiveness of the document processing process through reporting

What do we report?



The eCurcuma system is a WORKFLOW system, which means that individual processing processes - as in the case of the purchase invoice documents described - can be adapted to the client's needs and in the future also defined by him from the user interface level


Document states and notifications

In every state of the document the right user is informed by the system about the need to take a specific action.

In addition, you can assign automatic actions to document states (e.g., sending an email, SMS, etc.)

The status of the document is clear because of tags assigned to the document and items

Other functions

In eCurcuma, it is possible to manage and exchange documents between users specifying access rights resulting from roles and permissions that are defined in the system


Other functions

eCurcuma supports the possibility of limiting the visibility of contractors, document types / mail / orders for individual users


document circulation system


works on all popular operating systems

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